In-Sync Activity Cards

Looking for quick, easy ways to keep kids “In-Sync”? You will love these handy activity cards! Fifty brand-new In-Sync activities to help your child develop, learn, and grow.


About the In Sync Activity Cards

Each activity is:

Developmentally based. The activities are organized into three levels:

  • Beginner (green cards)– skills of a typically developing preschooler
  • Intermediate (blue cards)– skills of a typically developing primary-school child
  • Advanced (red cards)– skills of a typically developing elementary-school child

In addition, all activities include suggestions for more challenging moves as kids develop more skills.

Flexible and adaptable. Each activity includes ways to customize the movement experiences to suit your child’s specific needs. Because your child is unique, is better at some moves than others, has definite preferences, and does not want to do the same old exercises day after day, please feel free to get creative!

Addressing many skills simultaneously. Rather than concentrating on one skill at a time, these activities incorporate many basic sensory, motor, and visual skills. The primary skills addressed are listed on each card.

Let’s get started! Check out these example activities:

Copy Cat Activity Card


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