Joye and Carol

Joye Newman and Carol Kranowitz have more than ninety combined years of professional success working with children of all abilities. Through combining their expertise the In-Sync program was born.

Joye Newman earned her M.A. in Education and Human Development with a specialty in Perceptual Motor Development from The George Washington University. Integrating studies in behavioral optometry, occupational therapy, and psychology into her graduate work, she developed a unique method of movement therapy.

Joye founded and directed Kids Moving Company. (KMC) She was concerned that many kids were not encouraged to move — in fact, many kids were discouraged from moving — at home and school. KMC provided a place for children to move, play and think in a developmentally appropriate environment. After 30 years, Joye closed the studio to focus on individual evaluations and consultations with parents to help their children become more confident and competent in everything they do.

Joye offers perceptual motor development therapy services to help healthy development in children with and without special needs.

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Joye is available to speak at events on her unique method of perceptual motor therapy and the In-Sync philosophy. Send a message for more info.

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Carol Stock Kranowitz, a teacher for 25 years, introduced Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) to parents and educators around the world. The Out-of-Sync Child is the first book in the “Sync” series. Her most recent publications are the Spanish translation, El Niño Desincronizado (2020), and a new sequel, The Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up: Coping with SPD in the Adolescent and Young Adult Years.

Carol earned her M.A. in Education and Human Development, focusing on special education, from The George Washington University. Learn more here: