Joye Newman

The Importance of Vision

(September 2020) In her interview with Dr. Shelley James, Age of Light Innovations, Joye discusses visual development in young children and how vision affects all learning and behavior.  By watching this parent-focused series in which 14 worldwide experts and scientists focus on how lighting may harm children’s development, you will learn how to use light …

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Meet Your Child Where He Is

(December 2020) In an interview with Brigitte Shipman, founder of the Mother’s Guide Through Autism Show (Episode #44), Joye discusses how integrating behavioral optometry, occupational therapy, movement, and psychology into a child’s life can help him feel more comfortable in his own body and more able to meet new challenges when he is developmentally ready. …

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Autism and Vision

(November 2020) Ana Elisa Villalaz introduces Joye’s webinar about vision and autism, one of more than 30 talks in the Global Autism Summit 2: A comprehensive Parent Guide to create success, love, and peace for your child and family. The video series includes tools, strategies, and free gifts for parents and teachers working with children, …

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Keeping Your Vision In Sync

(A chapter in “Autism-in-Lockdown: Expert Tips and Insights on Coping with the COVID-10 Pandemic,” Future Horizons, 2020).    A scary thing about the COVID-19 quarantine is the potential damage we do to our — and our children’s — visual systems by spending so much time indoors and on screens.  The chapter includes a brief of discussion …

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