Family Time

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I just saw a commercial on TV for the Wii. The narrator said something like, “Hooray for family time.” Here’s what it looked like: Everyone in the family had their own steering wheels. They were all looking at the screen and NO ONE was interacting with anyone else. We think this family would be so much more “in-sync ” if they traded in their virtual steering wheels for bicycles, or even for taking a walk together.

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Eat Less, Move More

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In “The Washington Post,” Sunday, May 22, columnist Kathleen Parker considers childhood obesity. She advises kids: “Eat less; move more; listen to your parents — if you can find them…. ” She reminds us that the “rate of childhood obesity has doubled for preschool children in the past three decades.” She encourages us to give our children “more chores and fewer gadgets.” Strong words, and we get her point. Let’s (lovingly) kick our kids outdoors to play. Let’s expect them to do chores. Let’s call them to the...

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Follow our own advice

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I am not much of a morning person, and I know that I have to get out of bed and go the gym. Sometimes, like today, it’s so hard for me to get the day going. Then I remember that once I get moving, I’ll feel better………………so I decided to write this rather than GET UP. OK. I’m off to the gym. I know I’ll feel better “because I’ve moved.”

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Our First Blog

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We are so excited to have this blog up and running. In a few hours, Joye will be interviewed by Susannah Baldwin on her radio talk show, “Parent Talks.” We’re hoping to have a link up on our web page so that you can listen to the entire interview. Please let us know your questions, your successes, your thoughts about the value of movement. We will be using this space to let you know ours… Welcome to our blog.

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