Getting To Calm While Getting In Sync

(October 2021) Sponsored by the Parent Network of Western New York. In this webinar, Zoom participants brushed up on sensory processing differences while learning some fun In-Sync activities that restore calm and also enhance sensory, perceptual, and visual motor skills. Sign in to watch and listen here

The In-Sync Child Method

(May 2021)  Joye and Carol are interviewed by the team about the In-Sync Child Method and their new calendar, A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child, with 52 weekly schedules to keep kids moving and having fun.  The interview is in English and is translated into Greek. Watch YouTube Video Now

In-Sync Activities to Get Your Kids Moving

(December 2020)  In conversation with Amanda Walker, Learning & Development Coach and Parent Educator at Whole Brain Connections, Carol offers several fun activities based on the In-Sync Child method at the online conference, “Raising Uniquely Wired Kids: Parenting with Peace, Connection and Confidence.” Watch Video Now

The Out-of-Sync Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

(December 2020)  Hosted by Ana Elisa Villalaz as part of The Global Autism Summit 2, this discussion concerns the sensory-motor cycle (sensations coming in and motor responses going out), the eight senses and their functions, the categories of SPD, and In-Sync activities to enjoy at home. Watch now

In-Sync Activities to Get Kids Moving

(December 2020) An online workshop in the “Connections” series sponsored by Growing Healthy Children Therapy Services in Rescue, California.  The talk features five activities from the In-Sync Child method webinars, with a “how-to” approach. Watch the online interview

Sensory Motor Fun

(September 2020) In her interview with Dr. Shelley James, PhD, an international expert on light and well-being at Age of Light Innovations, Carol discusses sensory challenges and suggests sensory-motor activities to lure children away from electronic devices and get them moving. Watch the online interview

The Importance of Vision

(September 2020) In her interview with Dr. Shelley James, Age of Light Innovations, Joye discusses visual development in young children and how vision affects all learning and behavior.  By watching this parent-focused series in which 14 worldwide experts and scientists focus on how lighting may harm children’s development, you will learn how to use light …

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