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Joye’s Conversation with Sue Atkins, "The Parenting Expert"

Sue Atkins, "The Parenting Expert," interviews Joye on Sue’s Parenting Show (Episode 203) to talk about the In-Sync Child program and activities. Click below to get a discount, join The Sue Atkins Parenting Club Online, and listen to the whole conversation.

In-Sync Activities to Get Kids Moving

Here is an online workshop in the "Connections" series sponsored by Growing Healthy Children Therapy Services in Rescue, California.  The talk features five activities from the In-Sync Child program webinars, with a "how-to" approach.

The Visual System and Autism

This is one of two dozen talks in the Global Autism Summit 2: A comprehensive Parent Guide to create success, love, and peace for your child and family. The video series includes tools, strategies, and free gifts for parents and teachers working with children, teens, or adults with autism, sensory issues, or other behavioral or learning challenges. Ana Elisa Villalaz introduces Joye's webinar about the importance of vision in a child's development.

The Out-of-Sync Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

This is another talk in the Global Autism Summit 2.  Ana Elisa Villalaz introduces Carol's webinar about sensory-motor processing, the eight senses and their functions, categories of SPD, and several fun In-Sync activities.

Out-of-Sync to In-Sync Child: What You Should Know about Sensory Processing Disorder

Interview with Brigitte Shipman, BMV Life Coach and founder of the Mother’s Guide Through Autism Show. The hour-long program, Episode #41, covers Carol’s unexpected journey of becoming an SPD expert while teaching preschool, which led to her current focus on promoting In-Sync activities for all children.

Meet Your Child Where He Is

Interview with Brigitte Shipman, founder of the Mother’s Guide Through Autism Show. In Episode #44, Joye discusses how integrating behavioral optometry, occupational therapy, movement, and psychology into a child’s life can help him feel more comfortable in his own body and more able to meet new challenges when he is developmentally ready.

Calming Sensory Activities for Kids (Carol Kranowitz, interviewed by Penny Williams)

Sponsored by Parenting ADHD & Autism Summit

Modern brain science is proving the large role that sensory processing plays in human behavior. Not only is sensory experience the way we process our environment and what’s happening within us, but it is also a vital part of how we regulate our bodies and emotions to respond efficiently and effectively to life’s challenges. In this session, Carol discusses sensory tools and activities to calm kids with ADHD and/or autism. This session will fill your parenting toolbox.

NOTE: Videos are from the 2020 Parenting ADHD & Autism Summits which people can learn more about at

Why Vision Matters: Getting and Keeping Your Child’s Vision In-Sync (Joye Newman, interviewed by Sarah Wayland)

Sponsored by Parenting ADHD & Autism Summit

What you see and how you process it is fundamental to your ability to navigate the world. In this fascinating interview, Joye explains the difference between what you see and what you do with what you see, and how difficulties accurately processing the visual world can lead to confusion, clumsiness, and inexplicable behavior. She describes how some of these behaviors are misunderstood, what to look for, and simple activities you can do at home to help your child’s vision become more functional.

The Importance of Vision

Sponsored by Age of Light Innovations

In interviews with Shelley James, PhD, an international expert on light and well-being, 14 worldwide experts and scientists focus on how lighting may harm children’s development.  By watching this parent-focused series, you will learn how to use light to help — rather than hinder — your child’s development.  In her interview with Dr. James, Joye discusses visual development in young children and how vision affects all learning and behavior.

Sensory Motor Fun

Sponsored by Age of Light Innovations

In her interview with Dr. James, Carol discusses sensory challenges and suggests sensory-motor activities to lure children away from electronic devices and get them moving.

In-Sync Activities: Movement Experiences that Last a Lifetime

Sponsored by The STAR Institute for Sensory Processing

At The STAR Institute’s Virtual Summit on “Sensory Processing in Autism,” Carol and Joye offer five activities from their In-Sync Child program. This webinar is 47 minutes.


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