Give your child a moving experience that will last
a lifetime with our resources to guide you.

Give your child a moving experience that will last
a lifetime with our resources to guide you.



Interview with Joye Newman Expert on Childhood Motor Development, In-Sync Child, Activity Cards

By Lorna d'Entremont 

"Today’s guest for our Author Interview Series is Joye Newman, an expert in early childhood motor development. Parents, teachers, and other caregivers working with young children will benefit from her parenting books and activity cards... "

Joye: "Birth through age 6 is a time for exploration and learning. Children should not be taught specific skills, as their systems are still building the FOUNDATION upon which all subsequent skills will rest. In our Kids Moving Company classes, we provide environments that encourage children to explore and develop at their own rate and time. Children need to feel successful so that they want to 'keep trying.'..."


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The Washington Post: New AAP statement calls recess ‘crucial’ to the child’s development

By Mary Jane Williams

"Newman, the director of Kids Moving Company in Bethesda, agreed and said that children who have more time to move and play will often do better in the classroom.

'People who are comfortable in their bodies find almost everything easier,' Newman said. 'The way a child becomes comfortable in his body is by moving. If you put a 3-year-old down in a classroom and have him practice reading and writing until he’s 5, as opposed to another child running around playing and rolling down hills, by second grade, the second one will be much farther along in reading and writing.'"


Radio Interview With Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman

Hosted by The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Radio

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