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In-Sync-Child Method: Fundamentals

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The Fundamental Webinar Series


Joye and Carol discuss the foundation blocks of early child development.

In-Sync Child Method Objectives
(for the full 10-part series)

  1. Learn basic terms about the foundation blocks of early childhood growth:
    A. Sensory processing
    B. Perceptual-motor development
    C. Vision development
  2. Learn about our eight senses and how young children process sensations.
  3. Learn how good perceptual-motor development influences all future learning, in and out of the classroom.
  4. Learn about the development of vision and its enormously important impact on the growing child.
  5. Apply the information from the first four webinars to guide you as you learn how to incorporate In-Sync Child activities into your classroom.
  6. Recognize how each In-Sync Child activity develops and enhances your students’ sensory, perceptual motor and vision development.
  7. Use the concepts to develop your own In-Sync Child activities, giving your students experiences to last a lifetime!

Canada Continuing Education Credits
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Webinars with Greek Subtitles
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