The Book: Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from Growing an In-Sync Child:

Movement Gets Us In Sync


Pediatricians, teachers, and other early childhood specialists now recognize that early motor development is one of the most important factors in the physical, emotional, academic, and overall success of your child.

In the past, as children walked and became more independent, they went outside to play. They climbed trees, jumped in puddles, played hopscotch and rolled down hills. By doing so, their brains were learning all about the concepts of up and down, right and left, forward and back — many of the skills crucial for the acquisition of reading, writing, and being In Sync.

Think of the developing child as a tree. The stronger the roots, the more nutrients will be absorbed, the more anchored the tree will be, and the sturdier the trunk and branches will grow. A child with strong roots is likely to grow into a sturdy, thriving, blossoming individual.

How does the In-Sync Child grow? We think of a child’s roots as having three major components — Sensory Processing skills, Perceptual Motor skills, and Visual skills. The In-Sync Program nourishes your child’s roots by focusing on these components. These skills begin to develop before or soon after birth and are continuously integrated as the child moves.

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