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The In-Sync Child

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The In-Sync Child Webinars
Enjoy the dividends of this one-time investment that will enrich you and your children, at school and at home, for years to come!

Joye Newman and Carol Kranowitz offer an in-depth look at their innovative In-Sync Child philosophy and share engaging, easy-to-implement movement experiences that will develop and enhance your children’s physical, emotional, academic, and overall success.

In lively, accessible presentations that are conveniently broken into two series:

The Fundamentals Webinar Series (Four-Part). Learn about the sensory, perpetual-motor, and visual foundations of early childhood development.

The Activities Webinar Series (Six-Part). Discover how to customize the In-Sync activities and create your own activities with children of differing abilities.

In-Sync Child Objectives
(for the full 10-part series)

  1. Learn basic terms about the foundation blocks of early childhood growth: A. Sensory processing B. Perceptual-motor development C. Vision development
  2. Learn about our eight senses and how young children process sensations.
  3. Learn how good perceptual-motor development influences all future learning, in and out of the classroom.
  4. Learn about the development of vision and its enormously important impact on the growing child.
  5. Apply the information from the first four webinars to guide you as you learn how to incorporate In-Sync Child activities into your classroom.
  6. Recognize how each In-Sync Child activity develops and enhances your students’ sensory, perceptual motor and vision development.
  7. Use the concepts to develop your own In-Sync Child activities, giving your students experiences to last a lifetime!


Prices are going up everywhere — except at In-Sync Child! To make our award-winning webinars more accessible to every teacher and parent with great interest and small budget, the prices have permanently dropped.

The In-Sync Child Webinar Series

Save $20 when you purchase the full 10-part webinar series together.

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Canada Continuing Education Credits
Visit eceformula.com to earn continuing education credits when purchasing the webinars. Search "In-Sync Child," select one or more of the webinars, and start the fun!

Webinars with Greek Subtitles
Visit www.uplearning.gr/courses and select one or more "In-Sync Child Webinars" (no CEUs available), and start the fun!


The Fundamental Webinar Series


Joye and Carol discuss the foundation blocks of early child development.


The Activities Webinar Series

1. Learn how to use inexpensive, readily available objects to create exciting, sensory-based movement activities
2. Recognize how each activity develops and enhances your students’ sensory, perceptual-motor and vision development.
3. Master the ability to modify or expand each activity for your specific group
4.  Understand the concepts involved in creating your own movement activities.
5. Develop the ability to use the activities as screening tools.
Webinar #5:   Paper Plate Play
Webinar #6:   Masking Tape Play
Webinar #7:   Rope Play
Webinar #8:   Stretchy Things Play
Webinar #9:   Shapes Play
Webinar #10:  Hoop Play


Take a listen to Webinar #6: Masking Tape Play!
Learn about four activities with infinite variations using simple masking tape.

Take a listen to Webinar #10: Hoop Play!
These hoop activities will be a springboard for kids to come up with more fun ideas.

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