The In-Sync Philosophy

Movement Gets Us In Sync

From the moment they are conceived, children are moving. Each time they reach for their toes, roll over, bang spoons on pot lids, and take their first step, children are building a repertoire of movements that become the foundation for all learning. Pediatricians, teachers, and other specialists now recognize that early motor development is one of the most important factors in the physical, emotional, academic, and overall success of your child.

In past times, life provided us with a variety of movement opportunities. With every movement children made, their brains were learning concepts of up and down, fast and slow, near and far — skills crucial for the acquisition of reading, writing, and being “In Sync.”

With the advent of technology, our lives have become more sedentary. The In-Sync child’s healthy growth depends on moving. Only by moving can a child learn to feel truly comfortable and competent in his body and thus in the world.

We call that being “In-Sync.”